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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Child: Class-P Jambor

You're brighter than the stars, more beautiful by far
You're deeper than the sea, more glorious You are
You're louder than the ocean, stronger than the wind
And still You call me child

You're richer than the vast fields, cleaner than the spring
You're bolder than a thunder stroke, let nature's choir sing
You're master of dimensions, Your wisdom is beyond me
And still You call me child, You call me child

Who can be before You, who could see describe Your beauty, who could
Who could rise against You, who would live?
Who is like You Father, that You came and called us sons and daughters
Who could rise against me, who would live?

Thank You for providing, thank You for this life
Thank You for forgiveness, and holding me up high
Thank You for wanting me to be Your friend
And even yes, You call me child
And still, You call me child

copyright bobmusic 2001

Monday, June 19, 2006


I'm aware I haven't posted for ages... I really couldn't be bothered. But this morning, I went out to my car before I went to work, only to find that the passenger door was ajar. Someone had broken into my precious Scort overnight, ransacked the glovebox and even pulled out the ashtray. By some miracle though, no damage was done to the car, and they didn't even take anything, even though it looked like they made an attempt at removing the stereo. In my car I had a minidisc player and a bass guitar, both were still in the car this morning. Maybe they were scared off by the alarm and the security light, or maybe God was looking after a shameful sinner in a way he didn't really deserve...